KAN-therm: Noutăți 2017
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Noutăți 2017

We are pleased to present the new edition of KAN-therm catalogue, version 04/2017. 
Below we enlist major changes and new products implemented in April's 6-in-1 KAN-therm System below.
Change of package quantities for selected items in the offer
We have corrected the quantities for packaging in the KAN-therm System range. The number of fittings in a packaging unit, i.e. bag, has been reduced for selected, the most popular products of KAN-therm Push, KAN-therm Push Platinum and KAN-therm ultraPRESS systems.
This way we want to increase the felxibility of co-operation with KAN customers and business partners. By doing so, we allow our products to be sold in so called full packaging units, therefore we minimise situations related to non-secured, dirty fittings on the construction site before they have been installed.
1 1/4” steel manifolds for connection of measurement equipment
Carbon steel manifold beams with an increased cross-section of 1 1/4” and a wider 100 mm spacing of outputs for heating sections have been included in the KAN-therm System offer.
Such complete manifold design allows to install measurement equipment in an easy and comfortable way — individually for each section.
The manifold beams are made of a 1 1/4” powder-coated carbon steel pipe. They are equipped with the main 1” female connection and branches for particular heating circuits as female ½” threaded holes with a 100 mm spacing. The beam ends are open on both sides, it means they do not have any additional plugs. The manifolds are not equipped with additional vent openings in the upper section. They are available in 2–6 circuits sizes and sold separately. In order to assemble a typical manifold, 2 beams, brackets and self-sealing brass nipples must be additionally purchased.
The product is designed only for pressurized heating systems.
Prefabricated Residential Manifold Set, designed to supply multi-family housing development flats with domestic cold and hot water as well as a heating agent, are an innovative, compact and very comfortable technical solution.
It allows to prepare heating system and domestic water measurement points in a single compact design.
The ready Residential Manifold Set assembly saves the expensive installation time directly on the construction site. The compact design is another advantage of this solution, saving floor area. The product is ready for connection to the main heating or domestic water system pipelines and allows to perform a pressure test before the installation of the measurement equipment.  
Residential Manifold Sets are delivered on investor's individual order.